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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 has put the entire world on lock down and left individuals wondering how they will survive without their daily basic essential products and services.

This is more prevalent in the 28 Caribbean islands which lack proper On Demand E-Commerce and Delivery Services. The current COVID-19 pandemic has taught us how the things we used to take for granted are so very important for our continued survival.

The way we greet and interact with each other has suddenly become a valuable part of that day to day survival with the implementation of social distancing and individuals having to work from home where possible.

No one knows when the world will be totally free from the Covid-19 menace and therefore it is important now that we make the necessary adjustments to get us through this period.

ROED is creating the Multi-Service Essential on demand solution to enable individuals to adapt to the possible (God forbid) continuation of this pandemic.


ROED is a registered Transportation Network LLC in the United Kingdom No. 12311085 and Saint Lucia No. 2020/B0213. A Multi-Service Ride Share, E-Commerce, Delivery and Mobile Payment Wallet company connecting Riders to Drivers and Merchants. ROED pronounced as ROAD is the synonym for Ride Share, On Demand, E-Commerce and Digital Payments.

ROED offers Riders the comfort and convenience of various on demand door to door services, existing Private, Taxi and Mini Van Drivers various options for making additional income and Merchants the option to setup a web/app based store and offer delivery. The ROED App will allow anyone from the road side vendor to the corner shop owner to convert to E-Commerce and Delivery.

The ROED goal is to provide a reliable, safe and convenient On Demand service which enhances existing traditional services. The company is currently in fund raising mode for its Minimum Viable Product and welcomes any individual or business with the capacity to sponsor and/or invest in its current round of funding.

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