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The Caribbean has in the past been battered and bruised by Hurricanes, Rise in Oil prices, Cuts in International Aid and caught between International Trade Wars but has always been resilient and bounced back better and stronger than before.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has taught us how the things we used to take for granted are so very important for our continued survival.

The way we greet and interact with each other has suddenly become a valuable part of that day to day survival with the implementation of social distancing and individuals having to work from home where possible.

We now have to think twice before leaving our homes and prioritize the reason for doing so and how we will get to and from our destinations quickly with minimal interaction with others.

The Internet combined with E-Commerce, On Demand Delivery, Smart Transportation, Online Banking and Digital Payments have become one of the most important services to date and will never be underestimated again.

It is in this light; that when the dust has settled, we foresee the importance of a product and service such as ROED: One App, Many Services. A change in the way we conduct our day to day commutes and business is coming to the Caribbean and it will definitely be embraced.

  • Riders will have access to various service options and be able to customize services as they wish. Whether on Demand or Booked in advance.

  • Drivers will have access to providing various services to Riders and Merchants and keep their existing jobs. Whether it’s Taxi, Private, Luxury or Delivery.

  • Merchants will have the option to setup a free web and app based store, sell items, accept payments and have items delivered to customers. Whether it’s Food, Groceries or other Retail items.

The ROED App will allow anyone from the road side vendor to the corner shop owner to convert to E-Commerce and Delivery.

So the question is how will you use the ROED App?

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