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These Terms of Service governs the manner in which Merchants should provide services to customers who use the services of ROED from the website ("Site") and/or ROED mobile application ("App"). This applies to the Site/App and all services offered by ROED.

  • Merchants must own a legally registered business.

  • Merchants must already be providing the required services or goods.

  • Merchants must apply for a Merchant account.

  • Merchants must maintain a Mobile Data account with proper coverage.

  • Merchants must register with a valid Credit or Debit Card.

  • Merchants will be charged a transaction fee for every purchase or refund.

  • Merchants providing driver delivery services will be charged a commission on delivery charges.

  • Merchants will receive payments for in-app purchases via a payment transfer.

  • Merchants can receive payments for in-store purchases via QR Code Scan.

  • Merchants are responsible for any damaged goods, wrong items delivered and customer purchase refunds.

  • Merchants must maintain a minimum stock of five (5) of each item being sold via the ROED App.

  • Merchants must provide proof of customer refund before receiving a refund from ROED.

  • Merchants must maintain a properly stocked store via the ROED App.

  • Merchants must have sold items available for pickup within 15 minutes of purchase.

  • Merchants should allow minimum 20-30 minutes for a driver to arrive at their location.

  • Merchants should have items purchased after hours available for pickup by 10:00 am the following day. 

  • Merchants should never accept payment in cash for items sold via the ROED App.

  • Merchants can provide driver delivery services to buyers.

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