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The ROED App is available on the iOS and Android platform. You will need to sign up as a Rider, Driver or  Merchant by providing the required information. 

Sign up is free but certain conditions apply to the use of our app and services. It is recommended that you browse through our FAQ and Help pages.


  • Driver app must be online to receive requests from Riders and offline when not working.

  • Driver receives a request from a Rider within a 5 mile radius of their location.

  • Driver has up to 60 seconds to accept the request from a Rider.

  • Driver is paid US$1.85/GBP£1.43 for Rider cancellations after 5 minutes.  

  • Driver app gives directions via GPS to the Riders location and also directs the Driver to the Riders destination. 

  • Driver app calculates the Riders total fare and deducts the amount from the Riders account.

  • Driver receives a notification of payment and rating from the Rider.


A ROED Driver can improve his/her service by simply keeping a clean, good working vehicle and by adding a few features for a Riders comfort, safety and convenience.



ROED recommends that Drivers use a Bluetooth Headset, Phone Holder and Dash Camera.  We also recommend offering Riders Mobile Device Charging Ports, Charging Cables, Wi-Fi and Water. 


  • Rider app offers various Ride Share services.

  • Rider app offers various Delivery services.

  • Rider inputs their required ride destination or delivery location. 

  • Rider selects Ride Now and a request goes out to Drivers within a 5 mile radius.

  • Rider has 5 minutes withing which to cancel the request or be charged US$1.85/GBP£1.43 for cancelling after.

  • Rider receives a notification that Driver A has accepted their request and is on route.

  • Rider can track Driver and receives a notification when Driver has arrived at their location.

  • Rider sees that their ride has began and when the ride has ended.

  • Rider account is debited the total ride fare.

  • Rider leaves a rating for Driver and/or a tip if desired.


  • Merchant gets his/her own store account and admin panel.

  • Merchant can manage their store from a Smartphone or Tablet.

  • Merchant can sell Food, Groceries or Retail items.

  • Merchant can upload photos, add a description and prices for items.

  • Merchant will receive notification of item sale, payment and driver pickup. 

  • Merchant can provide their own delivery services if they wish.


  • Rider/Driver gets his/her own Mobile Wallet account.

  • Rider/Driver adds their Credit/Debit Card or Cash at a re-charge vendor.

  • Rider/Driver inputs a users mobile number to send cash and receives a notification of transfer.

  • User gets notification of a transfer receipt.

  • Rider/Driver scans store QR code to make a payment.

  • Rider/Driver and Merchant receives notification of payment receipt. 

  • Rider/Driver is charged a processing fee plus VAT for each transaction.

  • Rider/Driver gets loyalty points for each transaction.?Driver get charged

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